Women in Business

Charlene Flanagan & Niamh Ryan of Ella & Jo

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In our Spring issue ‘Women in Business’ feature we chatted to six business women about their accomplishments, and advice for young entrepreneurs. Here is a snippet from our conversation with business leaders and experts Charlene Flanagan and Niamh Ryan of Ella & Jo cosmetics. For the full interview with them, and other leading Irish business women, pick up our current Spring issue on shelves now.


What is the most rewarding aspect about being a woman in business?

There is a spark shining inside of you when you are living and breathing in an environment that brings you so much joy. For us, it’s the messages from customers after they have used our products telling us about how it has changed their lives.


How can we include women leaders who are also mothers and balance their time?

I think flexibility and understanding are key here. A few years ago most events were late in the evening or early in the morning and that can continuously exclude people who have children.

What would you say to women who are hoping to pursue a career in business?

Mind your acorn! If you have a dream, your own gem of an idea, mind it and pursue it without others opinions until you can make up your own mind about it. Surround yourself with likeminded people and connect with people who encourage you and give you advice that is in your best interests.


How can women support other women in their organisations?

Celebrate their successes and acknowledge their accomplishments both online and in person. The true act of a good business woman is one that will give opportunity to another woman when she’s not in the room. Remember, another woman’s success is not your failure.


How have you built confidence over the course of your career?

Confidence comes in waves. Taking time to look back at your achievements or getting into the habit of jotting down both achievements and struggles so that you can reflect on all that you have overcome can really help. Don’t compare yourself to others, stay in your own lane and work at your own pace. 


For the full interview pick up our Spring Issue on shelves now