By Caitriona Potter

Rest is often viewed as a luxury awarded to those who have accomplished massive feats such as running a marathon, having a baby, or achieving a milestone in your business and we’ve all felt the unspoken burden of needing to appear super busy or productive. With the winter months nearing, our bodies are naturally leaning towards the act of slowing down, resting, and recuperating the energy we’ve spent in the highs of Summer. This is an intuitive response, and not one that should be shamed or ignored. Here are 4 reasons why you should slow down and respond to your needs this Winter.

Nothing in nature blooms all year round

We are cyclical beings, much like the seasons in nature. We have seasons of excelling, achieving, and winning. We have seasons in between, where we feel like we are just surviving, and we have seasons of downtime. Every season has a purpose. Without the downtime, how can we bloom again? Nature needs no permission to slow down, and neither do you. Allow yourself an extra few hours of sleep, an evening in, or even a day of rest, and watch how you spring back in no time.

Use this season to reflect on the highs and lows of the year

Take some time to yourself to go inward and identify your growth this year. If you made new year’s resolutions in January, now is a good time to look back on your goals and realise how far you have come. If there are still some goals you have not yet accomplished or have forgotten about, evaluate if this is still important to you, and do your best to bring it to fruition before the year closes, in a way that feels natural and aligned to you. 

Autumn and Winter are the seasons of the introvert

What better time than now to nurture yourself and spend time in ways that feel good to you- not to anyone else’s agenda or schedule. Use the cosy evenings to get in harmony with yourself, in whatever way feels best to you. Examples of self-nurturance include reading a book you’ve been putting off for weeks, doing yoga, meditating, exercising or watching a new tv series or movie. There will be times when we have to extend ourselves, say yes to social occasions or meetings, or simply show up for others. But there is a lot of opportunity to tend to ourselves this season, and doing so will make showing up for others a lot easier.

Set a winter routine in place for yourself

If you feel out of balance in winter, or fall into a funk every time the darker days come around, set aside some time to work out a routine that works for you. This can mean you have something to look forward to after a workday that makes you feel good, and equally you know at the weekend you can catch up with a friend or take yourself on a date to rebalance your energy. The darker days don’t have to take away your joy, and you can find solace in the colder weather this Winter. As long as you are rebalancing your focus towards yourself on a regular basis, there is nothing Winter can throw at you to derail your journey.