Jörg and Karin Müller 
solaristea.com @solaristea
Tell us about your business: Solaris Tea is a family-run business based in Galway on the West of Ireland founded and run by two qualified Medical Herbalists, Karin and Jörg Müller. We specialise in the blending of internationally award-winning Whole Leaf Organic Teas. Our values are simple: provide the highest quality teas, using exclusively organic materials and ensure that health, purity and taste are the cornerstones of our blends. We have won 16 Great Taste Awards, we recently came in highly commended for the Irish Tatler Spa and Wellness Awards 2022, and we were featured on the 2022 Faoi Bhláith Wildflowers of Ireland and sustainability series on RTE 1.
What does wellness mean to you? We see wellness as a fluctuating thing that is in constant motion with the markers changing daily, rather than a final goal to achieve. It’s an interaction of body, mind and spirit – all need to be attended to equally to achieve good mental, physical and emotional health. Living life in the present moment rather than dwelling too much on the past or future can really help to achieve this. It’s all about outlook, seeing both the highs and lows, as opportunities for learning and growth.
What is your remedy for when you’re feeling overwhelmed and need to realign yourself?      Pause, connect, breathe, then act! The simple act of pausing and scanning your body to notice where it feels good, what’s tense and what hurts can take you straight out of your mind into your body. This is such a simple yet powerful practice that can be applied minute by minute, hour by hour. We also have a long standing tradition in our family to take a dip whenever we are near a clean waterway, be that river, lake or sea. It’s an instant body and mind reset! Of course, Tea is also key. 
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