What Type of Black Friday Shopper Are You?

Confessions of a Shopaholic sale scene
Black Friday is right around the corner and once the madness descends, shoppers can be divided into five different categories. To find out which type of sales shopper you are, just keep on reading!



  • 16% are most likely to plan and write a list of the items they want to buy in the sales
  • A fifth (18%) said that they started to think about what they would buy in the Black Friday sales three months ago, while a half (47%) waited until a month before
  • A third (34%) said they had booked or plan to book Black Friday off work
  • Men are more likely to be Planners (20% vs. 12% of women) as are Millennials (59%)

‘Early birds’

Early Birds

  • 15% aim to catch the best bargains by setting their alarm for the early hours
  • One in ten (9%) plan to be checking out the sales a full 6 hours ahead of the rest of the UK at 2am or earlier, a third (33%) will be online by 5am, ahead of 47% looking online at 8am
  • Women are the biggest ‘early birds’ – one in ten (10%) will be getting up at 2am or earlier to tackle the sales



  • 23% keep an eye on both the items they want and the sales in general in order to snap up a bargain
  • The average watching time is 1-2 days (16%) with a further one in ten (9%) keeping a close eye for as long as 2 weeks
  • The most avid ‘Watchers’ admit to checking sales online every minute (2%), while the majority dip in and out every 10-15 minutes (10%)
  • Women are the top watchers (27% vs. 20% for men) and are most likely to monitor items for up to two weeks (12%) before they buy them



  • 25% of shoppers don’t believe in planning and buy what they want as soon as they spot it online or instore (17%)
  • They are also the most likely (5%) to leave a sale screen open all day so they don’t miss anything
  • Women are the main ‘Opportunists’ with a fifth (18%) admitting that they will purchase something as soon as they see it


Avoiding the sales

  • 21% steer clear of discounts and sales
  • They are most likely to be male (23%) and over 65 years old (40%)
Information courtesy of Debenhams.