“Energy goes where attention flows”
The concept of manifesting is underpinned by the law of attraction; an idea that positive thoughts bring positive results into a person’s life. The idea is that whatever you direct your attention and energy towards you bring into your reality. 
During lockdown more people began to learn about this practice with many feeling like it was a way to regain control during a difficult time. Whether manifestation works or not, it can be beneficial in bringing gratitude, positive thinking and self awareness into your world.
The main method of manifesting is the act of visualising what you want to happen and believing that it has already happened. Here we have created a list of the many tools which you can use to help you during this process. 

Journaling is a great place to start. Journaling helps you to become self aware and enables you to focus on your goals and how to work towards them effectively. Simply free writing about your day and your thoughts can help you release negative thoughts or emotions that might be blocking your manifestations. 

The 3x6x9 Method

A more specific way to start manifesting what you want is the 3x6x9 method. An affirmation is the act of declaring a positive statement to be true. For example “I eat well, exercise regularly and get plenty of rest to enjoy good health”. Choose an affirmation you want to become true and write it down every morning three times. The more specific the affirmation the better, make sure to use words like “I am”. Write the affirmation six times in the middle of the day and nine times before you go to sleep. This is an excellent way to stay focused on your intentions until they come true.

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Visualisation Through Music

If something like the 3x6x9 method seems too much, try listening to music and visualising at the same time.  Make a playlist of songs that make you feel like you are the best version of yourself. Artist Ariana Grande has a song dedicated to manifesting here, and you will find lots of other playlists that can support you.

Setting Your Space

To get yourself in the right space, and increase your vibration incorporate some salt lamps, crystals and incense into your routine. Many people use crystals to harness the positive energy around us and to help turn our manifestations into a reality. Local Galway shop Amber has a great collection available and can point you in the right direction.

Practising Gratitude 

Regularly practising gratitude is fantastic for manifesting as it changes your mindset and creates a feeling of abundance within you. By focusing on what you’re grateful for it will bring more of that into your life. Try writing 5 things you are grateful for at the end of each day.

Vision Boards

Creating your own vision boards, and placing them somewhere you’ll regularly see them such as above your work space is a fun and popular manifestation tool. Making a collage of words and images can help you focus your energy more clearly on what you want. You can put together pictures representing the general life you want or be more specific in your focus like career goals or objects. If physically putting together a board sounds too time consuming, try creating a digital board with an app like Pinterest. 

vision board

At the end of the day, manifesting is about trusting the universe`s timing and understanding that something that is for you won’t pass you. With many people experiencing benefits such as more positive thinking, greater motivation, healthier thought patterns, improved self image and an overall positive mindset, there’s no harm in trying manifestation for yourself!