Sinéad Watkins
As someone who takes great pride and derives much joy from styling up their wardrobe, the abrupt change in my day-to-day routine last year hit me for six. Where I was once working in a fashion environment all week, I was now glued to a laptop in my kitchen. No more café lunches or nights out with the girls, the most airtime my outfit was receiving was the weekly supermarket run or my work Zoom calls.


Like many, I found myself faced with a choice. Bow to the pressures of life predominantly at home, or rise to the challenge and begin to make my wardrobe work for my new situation. Naturally, I opted for the latter and began to make smarter styling and shopping choices, enabling me to take the reins and gain control over my personal style once more.

Two long trenchcoats, black and white, two bags, black and cram, striped jumper and beige top

Regardless of what the remainder of the year has in store for us, these four outfit builds will suit jeans or tailored trousers just as they would a (nice) pair of sweatpants. Snug outerwear, cosy knits, a solid pair of boots and a great bag are key wardrobe staples in the Irish winter and will see you through Spring 2020 and beyond.

black leather woolen lined coat, zebra print purse, chequered boot, white knit jumper, red purse, black boots and colourful striped jumper