Up The Hill for Jack and Jill

Three year old Lilly Parackal from Roscam in Galway (pictured here with her Mum Edel and Connacht Rugby Captain Jack Carty) is one of 412 children currently availing of home nursing care by Jack and Jill. Every day can be an uphill challenge for Jack and Jill families across Ireland and their October event, Up the Hill for Jack and Jill is a way for everyone to show support for the 412 families currently under the charity’s care – the highest number ever availing of its services.

Lilly Parackal spent much of her first year in hospital after it was discovered she had a chromosome 2 imbalance. This causes developmental delay, heart and lung problems, and means Lilly needs to be tube-fed. When she finally came home, age one, the family received the support of a Jack and Jill nurse to help with Lilly’s full-time care at home, and continue to receive home nursing care today. Mum Edel said: “Our Jack and Jill nurse gives us back time to spend with our other children, time where we know Lilly is in good, capable hands and we don’t have to worry. We can just switch off and relax for those hours knowing she is being cared for. My parents have passed away, and my husband’s parents are in India, so we don’t have grandparents we can call on to help, so we are very much reliant on the nurses to get a break.” 

For Carmel Doyle, CEO, Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation, charity really does begin at home with Jack and Jill: “Every year, it’s an uphill challenge to raise the money we require to provide our service. But, like the families we support, we just keep going up that hill, thanks to a gentle push by people who donate knowing the difference their support means to local children. With Jack and Jill, charity really does begin at home, and our Up the Hill challenge is all about community and we are delighted to welcome Abbott into our community of care as a sponsor this year. Every €18 raised funds one hour of in-home nursing support, allowing Jack and Jill parents to grab 40 winks, go for a walk with their other children, or get a coffee, knowing that their precious child is being well cared for at home, where they belong. That sense of community really matters, now more than ever.” 

Register today for just €18 per person choose www.jackandjill.ie – choose your hill and grab some friends to get involved. Remember to tag Jack and Jill using #UpTheHill22