What is Face Yoga and how will it benefit your skin?
Facial Yoga is relatively new and a completely holistic approach to youthfulness, beauty and wellness inspired from ancestral practices. Facial Yoga helps us to keep facial muscles firm, toned, supple and healthy. We naturally turn to yoga to improve and sculpt our muscles and to find tone and suppleness in the body. We can do exactly the same with facial yoga, bringing that mindful attention and nurturing care to the delicate areas of the face and neck. The face is home to over 50 small muscles that move constantly throughout the day, allowing us to express ourselves and communicate with the world. As we age, the skin’s collagen and elastin production slows and it becomes less able to withstand the pull of gravity and stress on the face, leading it to sag and develop lines. By learning to incorporate facial yoga techniques into our daily beauty routines (5 minutes morning and evening) using our face oils, serums or creams we learn to take better care of our skin & optimise our skincare products. The three main aspects to this work – massage, acupressure and facial exercises will naturally boost what the skin loses as we age, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and help move out tensions. Some facial muscles on our face need to be relaxed and some need to be toned. Holding deep set tension and stress will impact the face, how we age and our skin glow. A regular face yoga practice while using mindfulness and breathwork can slow down and help reverse the signs of aging. Overall it will give you lots of practical knowledge on how to energise and tone the skin, lift and open the face, fade small lines, reduce imperfections, restore and brighten the complexion, remove puffiness and sculpt the features.



Who is it for?
At about 24 years of age a decline in collagen begins and by late twenties the first visible signs of aging appear. Face Yoga at this stage is all about protection and prevention by using massage rituals and eye care. There are also many beauty enhancing techniques to learn e.g. to plump the lips or open the eye area before applying makeup. During our 30s we need to focus more on correction as collagen and elastin fibres become less effective. This is when skin cellular renewal slows down and lines begin to form especially around the eyes and forehead. I would recommend preventative facial exercises, daily massages & acupressure. In our 40’s cell turnover and the oestrogen that keeps our skin plump and hydrated begins to decline. More visible signs of aging are apparent as we lose tone. Face Yoga practices to boost circulation, repair, firm and protect the skin will help to regenerate, lift and sculpt to support all above. This is also a time to focus on the décolleté. From our 50’s collagen drops about 30% and after the menopause there can be very visible change in skin texture. Blood vessels become more sluggish increasing dullness and lack of radiance. I would definitely recommend longer regular daily routines to energise and awaken the skin. Focusing on more regular lymphatic drainage to remove puffiness will also increase circulation and nightly massage work will help strengthen, energise and repair.

Sharon offers online private Facial Yoga consultations adapted to your personal beauty needs or to learn specific age prevention techniques. She also shares weekly (50 min) online group classes. If you are visiting Paris you can also arrange an appointment in her home in the Latin Quarter.

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