We’ve all heard the saying “the luck of the Irish” but when it comes to Irish Beauty secrets, what if it’s a little bit more than luck? I have searched the internet for what claims to be “Irish Beauty Hacks”. Whether you have tried some of these yourself or maybe you want some inspiration for your current beauty routine, I have listed some tips that claim to be loved and used by us Irish.


– Jade Tierney



Seaweed bathing has been a tradition in the west of Ireland for hundreds of years. The baths were filled with seaweed and seawater to replenish your skin and offer a natural detox. Seaweed bathing still remains popular today, with hundreds of brands creating products for at-home seaweed bathing experiences. Seaweed is proven to nourish your skin, sore muscles and even help with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.


Beer Rinse

Apparently, Guinness is the secret to great hair. The malt and hops in beer work wonders, they are full of protein adding moisture and shine to your locks. Beer contains vitamin B, which is also great for strengthening damaged hair.


Oatmeal facial

Irish women have been using oats to nourish their skin since the 1800s. The benefits of doing oatmeal facials? Added hydration to the skin and relief to irritable skin conditions. This is one I have tried and tested before, and my skin felt silky smooth afterward. Instead of buying a product on the shelf, which more than likely has added chemicals, why not make your own from home?


This one may surprise you but, a facility in Westport makes the global supply of Botox. Although this isn’t exactly an “Irish Beauty Secret”, It certainly is a fact worth mentioning. The Allergan company in Mayo has produced Botox since 1994. So whether you see it on Hollywood stars or your next-door neighbour, it is guaranteed 100%, Irish.



Feature Image – Karolina Grabowska from Pexels