With summer nearing a close, many of us may be feeling the post- sunshine blues. The chillier, darker days do not have to be a struggle when armed with a good combination of diet, exercise, and various mindfulness practices. Here is how you can avoid the winter slump and appreciate the changing seasons.

Autumn is a beautiful time to invest in local, seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as apples and beetroot. You can take a trip to your local market and browse the fresh produce section. Learning to eat in alignment with the seasons allows us to consume the nutrients we need exactly when we need them. A comforting, wholesome soup made with whole grains such as lentils and butternut squash is the perfect Autumn recipe.

Supplements can support an existing healthy diet and boost immunity. A high dosage of vitamin d3 supplement is recommended to support mental health and immunity as we get less from the sun. Supplements such as vitamin d3 and magnesium can help your body through seasonal change, helping you feel calmer, more relaxed, and better prepared to cope.

Sleep is key to better mental and physical health. As the seasons change, our sleep cycles adapt. Optimising the sun during the day is essential. Exposure to sunlight in the morning will support digestion, regulate hormones, and balance circadian rhythms, helping you to get a better-quality night’s rest.

An easy way to boost your mood and get some daylight exposure is to go for an early morning walk. Wrap up, grab a coffee, and play your favourite playlist. Observe the changes in nature, such as the leaves turning brown and the cool air against your skin. This is a simple way to include mindfulness into your daily routine. 

Mindfulness immerses you into the present moment and has been proven to reduce Anxiety. While spending more time indoors, avoid excessive social media and TV. The blue light from screens prevents melatonin production, making it harder to fall asleep at night. You can replace mindless scrolling with reading a good book or try out journaling. 

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Image: @rozannapurcell via Instagram