Top Things To Do This Weekend (12 – 14 March)

It is Mother’s Day weekend, which means that mothers, mammies and grannies of all kinds officially have the right to kick back and enjoy the weekend. So put your feet up and spend it however you’d like! Here’s some of our suggestions on how.


1) Try Out Freestyle Writing  

If you have ever wanted to try writing a novel or some poetry, now is a great time to give it a shot! It can be a creative outlet purely for yourself. If you’re wondering where or how to start, there are plenty of freestyle writing prompts to follow online available for free. There are even some workshops, like this one by award winning poet Rupi Kaur.


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2) Watch the Big Big Movie on RTE

The big, big movie this Saturday is ‘Smallfoot’, which is an excellent family movie, enjoyable to watch with all ages. So grab your popcorn buckets and snacks, dim the lights and have your own at home cinema screening. The movie starts at 19:05, Saturday 13.


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3) Start a Journal/ Interactive Book

There are loads of interactive books available, like Keri Smith’s ‘Finish This Book’ or Ilka Heinemann’s ‘101 Things To Do Instead of Playing on Your Phone’. These are a great way to pass the time and engage the creative side of your brain. Sites like Book Depository have free worldwide shipping so why not pick yourself up a few and explore it’s activities!


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4) Meditate

Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and control anxiety, which makes something that everyone can benefit from doing in their lives. You can incorporate it into a yoga routine, or simply spend just five minutes sitting upright in a chair, feet on the floor and practice some conscious breathing. This helps you ground yourself and is shown to actually increase productivity too. Headspace has some great free guided meditations you can follow to get you started! 


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5) Celebrate Mother’s Day Virtually

You might be able to have a drive by visit if your mother lives within 5km of you, if not there’s no reason you still can’t celebrate Mother’s Day! Arrange to have a video call where you, your mum, and even your kids, can do an activity together virtually. Set up your phone or your laptop so that both parties can see the other and have fun doing activities like arts and crafts, afternoon tea or even baking!


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6) Order a White Gables Hamper to Someone you Miss

White Gables in Moycullen in Galway are masters in looking after people and they have done it again with the introduction of their ‘Hero Hamper’. All Hampers are created and handpicked from their store in Moycullen and sent to all counties across Ireland. Their ‘Hero Hampers’ are a great way to say “thank you for what you do ‘’ and are perfect for the everyday super heroes in our lives right now, whether it is the care team or a wonderful neighbour, this hamper is both lovely to send and receive. Order yours at

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