Top Thing To Do This Weekend (15 – 17 Jan)

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The days are finally starting to get a little longer, which will hopefully leave some of you with more time to spend on yourself! Here are our top suggestions of things you can do this weekend to make the most of your time off.


1. Take a Walk

Something as simple as a twenty minute walk can leave you feeling refreshed and motivated. It’s a great way to burn energy while also getting some fresh air.


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2. Take a Self-Care Day

In the midst of this pandemic, days can seem extremely long and be mentally exhausting so self care is of utmost importance. Dr. Suraya Diaz, (based in East Galway) has worked to combine her scientific research with complementary medicine and has a wide range of herbal and medicinal teas guaranteed to help the body and mind.


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3. Attend Nola Ro’s ‘Vegan for Beginners’

Veganism and plant-based lifestyles are on the rise, for many reasons ranging from health benefits to environmental concerns. If this is something you might be interested in, Nola Ro will take you through the basics of Veganism on Saturday 16th 10pm via Zoom and answer all your questions on how to get started.


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4. Try Out the Latest Makeup Trends

Makeup is a fun and creative way of expressing yourself and with TikTok and Youtube filled with MUA tutorials and challenges, why not “brush up” on some new skills and try out some new makeup looks.


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5. Take Part in a Free HIIT Class

This 45-minute HIIT workout with fitness superstar Courtney Black is not for the faint-hearted. You’ll work your whole body in this intervals sessions, for which you’ll need a set of weights (but two full water bottles or similar will do the job too). The class takes place over zoom Saturday 16 at 1pm.


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