Top Irish Fitness Influencers You Need To Follow in 2020

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Most of us give up on our New Year’s resolutions of fit and healthy lifestyles after a few months even though we swore to ourselves we would ‘definitely keep them up this time!’. But with some motivation from professional fitness influencers, this year might be different.
Here are 6 Health and Fitness Instagram accounts you should be following in 2020.
Amie Wiley

Currently studying at NUI Galway, Amie is doing very well at balancing her student and influencer lives. Posting workout videos and dreamy travel pictures, she inspires us to keep pushing ourselves while also giving ourselves time for fun and relaxing activities.  

fitness health galway lifestyle workout influencer
Instagram: Amie Wiley (@amie_wiley)
Rozanna Purcell

Originally from Tipperary, it has become hard to catch up with Rozanna’s travel schedule. Both a fashion and healthy food enthusiast she also keeps up a very active lifestyle, living an intense hiking life. She is the author of two cookbooks and her third  “No Fuss Vegan” will be out this January so keep an eye out for Rozanna’s healthy recipes!

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Instagram: Rozanna Purcell (@rozannapurcell)
Siobhán O’Hagan

A proud Dublin homebird, Siobhán now works in Bali as a personal trainer and online coach for “Oh Fitness”. She brings her followers behind the scenes of her healthy, athletic lifestyle as well keeping it real and remaining honest as to the misleading reality of Instagram pictures.

fitness travel healthy lifestyle workout galway
Instagram: Siobhán O’Hagan (@siobh.ohagan)
Orla Hopkins

Mother-of-two Orla Hopkins is an inspiration to a lot of Irish mammies with her incredible balance of family and fitness life. Fitness is a family affair for Orla, her sons and her husband are all involved in eating better and exercising more. Meal-preparation is key in the pursuit of fitness and Orla makes sure to encourage her followers to do so. 

fitness galway healthy vegan family
Instagram: Orla Hopkins (@orla_hopkins)
Sarah Moloney

Since she graduated from DCU, Sarah has been an online coach who has proven to be an inspiration to many. Her content is mostly video-based, sharing her tips and motivation for all to hear. She shares other people’s ‘before and after’ body transformation pictures as well as hers to get everyone involved in the journey to a healthier lifestyle.

galway influencer fitness workout healthy lifestyle
Instagram: Sarah Moloney (@sarstri)
Annie Kirwin

NUI Maynooth alumni Annie is a Pilates instructor. Pilates has become incredibly popular in the fitness world and by adding tips to healthy eating to her page, Annie has found the recipe to influencer success. If motivation is not enough for some, she also shares quotes for people to read and get inspired by in their own time.

influencer pilates galway health lifestyle fashion fitness
Instagram: Annie Kirwin (@anniekpilates)