Top Five Things To Do This Weekend (Oct 2 – 4)

It’s nearly the weekend again, and that means it’s once again time for another list of our top suggestions of what to do this weekend.


  1. Go for brunch at Glenlo Abby Hotel and Estate

Glenlo Abbey is the perfect spot for a Sunday brunch. It is the perfect spot to relax and ejoy a meal out. With gorgeous scenery and excellent service, it’s a day out to look forward to.


2. See Futurespast in concert

Futurespast are performing at the Royal Theatre and Event Centre in Castlebar on Saturday 03 October. They are a five person rock, soul and reggae band. Deservedly so, as reviews from their show rave about the amazing atmosphere and fun that was had. They are definitely worth getting tickets to see.


3. Partake in the Galway Bay run

The run takes place along the Galway Bay and starts at twelve midday. With the option of doing 10k or a full or half-marathon, you can easily take it at your own pace. It’s the perfect active activity for the weekend.


4. Go See the Pink Floyd Experience

The Pink Floyd Experience takes place at Galway’s Town Hall Theatre, Sat 3 at 8pm. Be sure to get your tickets if you want to attend the celebration of Pink Floyd’s biggest and best songs.


5. Grab dinner at Dough Bros

If you’re not in the mood to cook this weekend and want to eat somewhere everyone will enjoy, then Dough Bros is the solution. Their delicious, fresh pizza are something everyone will enjoy. They definitely make some of the best pizzas in Galway.


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