Top Five Things To Do This Bank Holiday Weekend (23 – 25 October)

The weekend is all about being able to spend time for yourself and recharge. From virtual events and at-home activities, we have put together the list of our top things to do over the coming days.
1. Take Part in an Online Yoga Class

Yoga is a great way to destress, get moving and gain mindfulness. Lisa Berry, Galway based yoga instructor, is running a live class this Friday, from 5pm to 6.20pm. It’s basically the perfect, no-stress weekend activity.

2. Have a Home Spa Day

Self-care is the new going out. With so many beauty products and equipment available online, it’s the perfect time to create your own spa experience at home.

3. Take Part in the ‘Zero Waste Chef’ Virtual Workshop

Anne-Marie a.k.a The Zero-Waste Chef has three rules: 1) No packaging, 2) Nothing processed, and 3) No trash. Learn how Anne-Marie has worked on cutting down her waste. She will share tips and tricks to living zero waste and go over the basics of fermentation. This event is free but registration is required in order to be emailed the Zoom webinar link. The event takes place Saturday, 6pm – 7:30pm.

4. Practice your Halloween Makeup

Halloween is definitely not cancelled this year. It’s just moving online. With so much Halloween makeup inspiration from influencers such as Keilidh Cashell, why not join in by creating your own style and having a fun competition between your friends. You can all vote on who you think pulled it off the best. Better get practicing!

5. Watch Lip Sync Roulette

Lip Sync Roulette is an amazing online social game, designed to test a drag performer’s nerve and improvisational skills. Players take turns battling it out in an online lip sync battle. The catch is that they don’t know what song they’re going to be performing until it starts playing! Be sure to tune in Sunday at 8pm for an entertaining evening!


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