Top 7 Irish Instagram Influencers to Watch Out For!

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Irish social media influencers have truly made their mark on Instagram, offering beauty, style, self-care and life advice. Check out these top IG accounts to follow this month.

By Jade Tierney

Keelin Moncrieff

Keelin’s rise in popularity is due to her witty, transparent content, speaking on everything from sustainable fashion and climate change to self-love and relationship advice. With a following of over 50k, she is definitely one to watch!

Lucy Fitz

A “Positivity and Mental Wellbeing’’ content creator, this Limerick blogger has an impressive 75.6k followers on Instagram. Through being open and vulnerable with her audience and sharing body positive images on Instagram, the blogger has gained immense popularity among both a young and mature audience.

Ellie Kelly

This Dublin blogger touches on all things fashion and beauty, reaching over 250,000 followers. Starting out as a makeup artist, Ellie Kelly has since created makeup lines with huge brands such as ‘Bperfect’, clothing lines with ‘Misspap’ and has worked with the biggest names in the beauty industry.

James Kavanagh

Starting out creating hilarious vlogs on Snapchat, Kavanagh has since gained over 140,000 followers across his social media channels. James has worked on television shows, written books and continues creating witty, relatable content to his loyal followers.

Rozanna Purcell

The former Miss Universe winner has gained the hearts of thousands. Sharing her journey to self-love, cooking, travelling and fitness, the Tipperary blogger has written books, made several TV appearances and works with huge brands such as ‘Nike’.

Sinead Watkins

Sinead Watkins, known as ‘The Girl with the Bob’ has captivated thousands of followers with her colourful Instagram account. Sharing everything from her unique fashion sense to her trips around the globe and her popular blog ‘The Girl with the Bob’. The Aussie born blogger is currently living in Galway and shares the wonders of the West through a creative eye.

Two Phat Cows

Ciara and Kim known as the ‘Two Phat Cows’  share all the best Ireland has to offer in terms of fashion, lifestyle, food and wine! The dynamic duo have experienced everything from unique staycations and restaurants to offering advice on self-acceptance in today’s society. A ‘phabulous’ account to follow if you are in need of a giggle too!

*Feature Image: Kardonoart Pixabay