Exam season is officially upon us and it is the time for students to make their last-minute plans before the State exams. Preparation is key, but even the most prepared student can feel a bit nervous as the first day of the exams approach.

Here are the Top 5 Tip from iRevise.com to survive the Junior and Leaving Cert examination;


Eat well:

Eating a healthy diet in the run up to the exam is beneficial – having a good breakfast (eggs, toast, porridge, oatmeal) on the exam morning is crucial – but don’t overeat as that overfull feeling down will not be helpful in the exam as you could feel groggy.


It is important to be fully rested. We know there is a temptation to stay up all night cramming for an exam – that just doesn’t work. Go to bed early, before midnight – get at least seven or eight hours’ sleep – and then get up early and do some studying then. If you are over-tired it is very difficult to concentrate during the exam and making mistakes while answering questions could be very likely.

On the day

Prepare for the practicalities of exam day. Ensure that you have everything with you for the exam – pens, pencils, rulers, calculators etc and check your exam number.  Make sure that you will arrive at the exam hall in plenty of time – the last thing you need is a last-minute rush into the exam hall. Bring a small bottle of water (or your preferred drink) in with you into the exam.

During the exam

Make sure to write clearly. You can only get marks for the writing that they can read. Also ensure your exam number on all your rough work and hand it up with your exam book. You may have written some nugget of information in your rough work and forgotten to re-write it into your actual final answer. This could gain you a few marks which could bring your grade up to the next level.

After the exam

Please avoid dissecting the paper with your friends once you have left the exam hall. There is no point because that exam is over and there is nothing you can do about it. Your answer may be different to others and this could throw your confidence for future exams.


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