Top 5 Netflix Horrors to Watch this Halloween!

3 dogs in ghost costumes
With Halloween looking a little different this year, most of us will experiencing the spooky spirit alive from our homes. Netflix has you covered with hundreds of films, series and documentaries that will be sure to keep you up at night! Jade Tierney is here to guide you to the best!
  1. The Haunting Of Bly Manor

As an adoring fan of The Haunting of Hill House, I can say that Bly Manor is nowhere near as terrifying. More so a love story disguised as a ghostly tale. On the surface, it has many things in common, the cast, a scary house and a carefully constructed ending. But Bly Manor narrates a tale of loss and focuses far more on the relationships between the characters and their grief. A lot of patience is required in this series as it is extremely layered. I feel the audience are left satisfied with the answers, as all loose ends are cleverly tied up. A much watch this Halloween, by far Netflix’s most loved series!

2. American Murder – The Family Next Door 

The true-crime thriller based around one of the most shocking and haunting events in recent history. The film directed by Popplewell revisits the Watts murders and shows how invasive and deceptive social media can be. The family’s story is told through their own messages, socials and interviews. In a world of oversharing, the filmmaker highlights the false narrative we give ourselves online and just how damaging it can be.

3. The Conjuring  

This film follows the warrens, two paranormal investigators. Based on true events, the couple involved in the horrors that took place in the Amityville house, use their knowledge with the supernatural world to help a new family. The film is loaded with cleverly placed scares and intriguing characters. A definite one to watch this Halloween with the older ones in the family!

4. Hush

Rated in the highest of Netflix’s horror genre, and for good reason. Although there are thousands of horrors based on home invasions, this one strongly stands out. An independent deaf woman living alone, takes on a vicious psychopath. The plot focuses on the resourceful woman as she battles to stay alive. The audience is always left on edge as the suspense grows with each interaction between the pair becomes more and more intense.

5. Hereditary

Completely different from your traditional horror house films. The horror element is added with sounds and chilling cinematography. The audience is tormented with a heavily layered story based on one family’s unlucky family tree. The family attempt to change their sinister fate. Some scenes are extremely disturbing, and at times it’s impossible not to turn away, but if you can stomach it, it’s a must-see for horror fanatics.



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