Top 3 Coffee Spots in Galway

Coffee backdrop
Coffee is the heart and soul of so many meetings, get-togethers, and catch-ups. If you’re not a coffee lover then why not give it a go? Better LATTE than never!

Caffeine is adorned by so many for the lovely caffeine-kick that opens up the eyes and keeps them shining throughout the day. It is said to increase energy levels, improve brain function, memory, mood, and general mental function.

There are also many economic benefits of caffeine. Discovered in the 15th century in Ethiopia, the two most commonly grown coffee plants are the Robusta plant and the Arabica plant. A plant that helped cultivate imperial trade routes could once again shape the world. It was the first Fairtrade product ever.

So, where is the best place in Galway to get your daily dose of caffeine?


Located in the heart of Galway City Centre, the team at Espresso44 have been serving Galway’s coffee lovers for more than five years now. Boasting an exciting exterior and inviting interior, their exclusive and award-winning coffee brand, Fixx Coffee, has ensured they are a firm fixture on the caffeine trail. Espresso44 also offers a wide range of wholesome foods, sandwiches, and tasty snacks. In the last few years, Espresso44 has moved with the changing dietary needs of their customers and now boasts an impressive range of milk alternatives, offering five different varieties – oat, almond, rice, soya, and coconut – along with full fat and semi-skimmed cow’s milk. The café also caters for customers with other specific dietary requirements, serving up a range of gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and vegan treats. Espresso44 is a must for your coffee fix on go. 44 William Street, Galway, 091 562537


A spacious 50 seater air-conditioned restaurant in the heart of Galway (located between O’Connell’s Bar and Garveys Inn) Esquires Coffee is owned and operated by well known local husband and wife team Colm and Caryl McDonagh. The dynamic duo have built a great reputation and the coffee shop is well known for its quality food at affordable prices with first class friendly service. The preferred choice for locals and visitors alike, Esquires Coffee serves everything from all day breakfast and lunch, as well as sweet treats, delicious organic coffee, fairtrade tea, milkshakes, smoothies, frappes, juices, soft drinks, and non-alcoholic beer. They are also delighted to offer their customers gluten-free and vegetarian options. 11 Eyre Square, Galway, 091 567746


One of the most popular cafes in Galway since it opened its doors back in 2001 Revive is highly regarded for its great food and ambiance. A well-known spot to rendezvous in town, the welcoming and spacious interior is filled with smells of fresh baking and Italian coffee. They also have a 40 seater outdoor patio which is a gem of a place for lunch on a sunny day. The culinary team at Revive slow cook and roast the meats for all of their hot daily specials, gourmet sandwiches, wraps, paninis, and salads, and make all of their chutneys, relishes and salad dressings in-house. They also serve a number of gluten-free options and dairy-free soups every day. Their baker starts at 6.30am each morning so you are guaranteed that their famous brownies, rocky roads, cookies, and cakes are all fresh from the oven. <em>35 Eyre Street, Galway, 091 533779,</em>


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