Increasing in popularity over the last number of years, gallery walls are a great way to transform bland walls, creating a focal point in your home while bringing together your favourite pieces to showcase your personality. You might be struggling to know where to start but creating the perfect gallery wall need not be a complicated process – experiment with different styles and types of art. Mix it up with art, favourite prints and your treasured family photos. And above all else – have fun creating it! 


We’ve rounded up our top tips for curating the perfect gallery wall below: 

1. Start Collecting

The first step in creating your gallery wall is to start making a collection of things you love from prints to photographs and original art. Think about the size of your collection and the scale. Do you want to keep them all the same size or have a mix of sizes? 


2. Decide on a theme

While not a necessity, you may decide you want to have a theme for your gallery wall. Once you have a collection you are happy with, you can begin to group them by theme for example, family, travel, special events. You may also decide to select a colour theme that goes with the décor of your room. Or you might have no theme at all and just choose ones that make you happy! 

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3. Even or odd numbers 

Decide if you want to go with an even or odd number of images for your gallery wall. Odd numbers tend to work best in more random arrangements while even numbers work well when your images are uniform size and shape. 


4. Create a mock-up

Before hanging anything on your wall, lay your collection out on the floor. This will allow you to look at the collection as a whole and decide on the best layout. You can also change anything that doesn’t look right before it goes up on the wall. Don’t forget to take a photo of your preferred layout as a reminder when hanging your images. 

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5. Choose your frames

Once you have decided on your layout, you are ready to choose your frames. Do you want them all the same colour and style? Choosing a mix of different colours, sizes and styles can add visual interest to your gallery wall depending on your chosen stye. 


6. Hanging your images

When it comes to hanging your images, you will need nails or picture hooks. It is helpful to use a pencil to mark out on the wall where each frame will be. Use a spirit level to make sure everything is straight. Then all that’s left to do is sit back and admire your new gallery wall.