Top 10 Tips for men’s mental and physical wellbeing

International Men’s Day is here and the world looks to focus on men’s physical and mental health. Check out our top 10 tips for improving your mental and physical health below.

  1. It’s okay to not be okay
    Being a man has changed over the years and perceptions of ‘manliness’ have grown. Being able to admit you are not okay does not make you weak, it takes courage to stand up and ask for help.
  2. Accept yourself
    Comparing yourself to that model on TV is not good for your health! Every body is different, embracing and accepting who you are can change how you feel. Be proud of who you are!
  3. Keep in contact
    No person is an island, everyone needs support now and again. The need for keeping in contact with friends and family is vital. Never over look the importance of human interaction!
  4. Be active
    The health benefits of exercise is talked about all the time. Whether its walking, swimming, the gym or anything else getting up and getting moving will help improve so many areas of a mans life.
  5. Improve your diet
    It sounds like mad science, but the food you eat has a huge impact on your mood! Creating a more balanced diet with less sugars, fats and processed foods improved both mental and physical health.
  6. Get some Zzz’s
    Many of us don’t get the recommend amount of sleep. The blue lights of smartphones and tablets alert the brain and keep you awake. Try leaving the phone down before bed, allowing yourself a better nights sleep.
  7. A little me time
    Take some time for you, creating that better work life balance gives you some off time to relax, focus on yourself and unwind. It mean getting active or sitting on the couch, whatever you do let yourself relax.
  8. Go see the Doc
    Don’t avoid the doctor or just think you’ll ‘be grand’, if you feel something is wrong make that appointment. Many health issues if caught earlier can be minor. Don’t let a minor issue become a major issue.
  9. Zen Out
    There has been huge research done into the benefits of meditation and mindfulness as a way of minimising stress, anxiety and depression. It may seem a little ‘new-age’ but focusing on the present rather than the future is great for your mental health.
  10. It’s not always about you
    The world moves fast and its common to let something or someone slip past, stopping for a second and simply asking a friend or family member if they are okay could be the first step in helping them getting out of a bad place.

Remember, there is always help out there. If you or someone you know is struggling please reach out to one of the organisations below.

Pieta House: 01 6010000
Samaritans: 116 123
Mental Health Ireland: