Thriftify Search for Ireland’s Next Top Sustainable Stylist


Online charity shop “Thriftify” have launched a nationwide search for Ireland’s next top sustainable stylist. The online fashion styling competition is encouraging all slow fashion fans to apply to take part this summer and show the nation that sustainable fashion is the way of the future.  

Hosted by sustainable influencer “Kavita She Wears Fashion” the competition hopes to show fashion fans that you can be both stylish and sustainable by shopping pre-loved and that being fashionable doesn’t have to cost the planet.  

Fast fashion accounts for up to 10% of all global emissions and with 85% of all new clothing thrown away within 12 months, the Thrift-Off is aiming to celebrate a sustainable alternative. 

If fashion makes your heart beat faster but buying sustainably is also important to you, then the Thrift Off might just be the awakening that you need to get your fashion fix.  

The people behind the sustainable initiative are “Kavita She Wears Fashion”, a leading charity shopping influencer, working with the online charity shop “Thriftify”, which hopes to get Ireland’s fashionistas actively entering and showing off their best looks. 


The concept is simple – any budding sustainable stylist can apply to participate.  

  • 16 entrants will be selected to participate and given a budget of €130 to create three outfits sourced from charity shops.  
  • Once per week, for four weeks, four of the participants’ will go head-to-head on Kavita’s stories with the general public selecting their favourite stylist.  
  • At the end of the four weeks, the four finalists will go into a grand final with a combination of public voting and expert judging deciding who this year’s top sustainable stylist will be. 
  • The competition is open to anybody with a love of sustainable fashion and entrants can enter via: 
  • Entries open on Wednesday 22nd of June. Entry will be via a form on the Thriftify website. Judging will continue for 6 weeks, with the grand finale on August 18th when the overall winner will be announced. 
Kavita Sustainable
Details on the Thrift Off competition: 

The Thrift-Off 2022 is open to applications from anybody in the UK or Ireland. Thriftify and Kavita will select 16 stylists/entrants to participate, based on their passion for sustainability and fashion and their styling experience.  

Each successful participant shall be given €130 to spend on Thriftify and will be tasked with putting together three outfits.  

The participants will then create images or video content of their looks which will be shared to Kavita’s audience of 60,000 followers who will then vote for their favourite stylists.  

Each weekly winner will also receive a cash prize of100, and every entrant will get a 15% off code for  

The weekly winners will receive a trip to a secret charity shop warehouse where they will be able to pick out any outfit of their choice and a professional photographer will then do a photoshoot with them.  

The grand winner will have the opportunity of being profiled on various media outlets and Thriftify events.  

The campaign aims to showcase all the fabulous finds that are available from charity shops, highlighting that buying pre-loved fashion from charity shops is the most sustainable and impactful way of shopping.