As we welcome Autumn and embrace the changing of the seasons, this issue is packed full of everything to inspire and uplift you for the months ahead. Inside you will find everything from seasonal hobbies to enjoy, decadent wild food recipes and exclusive wellness interviews to the benefits of foraging, relaxing yoga retreats, sustainable interiors and wardrobe essentials as well as new offerings from local suppliers and inspiring Irish design. Plus, it also contains an extensive wedding supplement with advice from newlyweds, financial planning tips, top venue recommendations and much more.

We love seeing where you’re enjoying your copy of GALWAYnow from so make sure to tag us as you turn those pages! Thanks as always to our readers, contributors and clients for their support in bringing this issue to life, we hope that it brings you many hours of wellbeing, joy and inspiration.

On The Cover

Model: @lolavieiira

Costume: Elisa Leclé @elisa_lecle

MUAH: Angy Morales @angymosi

Location: Palace of the Marquises of La Algaba