The Voyage is an emotional wellbeing workshop for 6th class students, created in 2016 by Helplink Mental Health’s Counsellors and Therapists, which helps the children to deal more effectively with the emotional wellbeing challenges that can arise; when moving from primary to secondary school. The Voyage contains many proven coping mechanisms which will lead to stress and anxiety reduction, and resilience building in young people.

“During 2021 we provided The Voyage to over 20 schools from across the country, supporting over 2000 6th class students with the emotional aspects of transitioning from Primary to Secondary School! With the support of the Irish Youth Foundation, we have adapted our workshop so it is available online nationally and we need your help to inform; Schools, Parents,  Teachers, and Principals across Ireland so we can help support these children to learn about and develop good mental health skills and practices”.

What is truly unique about The Voyage, besides the fact that it is the only workshop of its kind in Ireland, is that once the students have completed The Voyage – they will have access to the features for a period of 10 months! Once all the Chapters have been completed the teacher then provides the login details for The Voyage  workshop to the students. This means they can be supported throughout the transition from primary and post-primary for a full year.  The children and their parents/caregivers can redo the exercises on at any point during that time in the comfort of their own homes or other private space.

The Voyage 2022 Trailer:  Please visit:\ Licencing Cost:  €200/year for as many 6th class students as a school has.