Before the world was consumed with Snapchat, The Kardashians and the desire to snap every piece of food before it enters our bodies, there was a much more simpler time. The 90’s was a decade rich with iconic fashion, music and art. Here are a few of our favourite nostalgic moments that will be sure to make you want to go back in time.

-Jade Tierney

1989 Rob Lowe, Sarah Jessica Parker & Robert Downey Junior 

1991 Carrie Fisher & Meryl Streep

1993 Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith

1994 Courtney Cox & Jennifer Aniston

1995 Leonardo DiCaprio & Monica Bellucci

1995 Shaquille O’Neal & Bill Gates

1996 Johnny Depp, Noel Gallagher, Kate Moss & Meg Matthews

1997 Chris Farley, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler & David Spade

1997 The Beckhams

1999 Destiny’s Child & The Backstreet Boys



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