Style With Sinéad: Stay at Home Style Made Simple

With everyone reacting differently to the confines of lockdown life, it’s important not to fall victim to the pressures or expectations we may see online. These are strange and scary times, and we are all entitled to muddle through them however we see fit. So if you aren’t ready to kiss goodbye to your sweatpants and wriggle into a pair of jeans yet, then so be it!

Here are a few ways in which you can spice up your sweatpants-clad life now whilst we remain indoors but also when we are able to venture beyond our doorstep. Because who needs to forgo eternal comfort when these loungewear staples can be elevated for the outside world so effortlessly!

By Sinéad Watkins

1. Channel some cool, laidback LA vibes by pairing your sweats with timeless, elevated wardrobe.
Fashion collage 2. A pop of colour with monochrome accessories of the season will take a classic cosy look to the next level.
Fashion collage 3. A flash of neon will freshen up your look for summer, so don’t be afraid to make a statement!
Fashion collage4. A co-ordinating sweatsuit set instantly makes you look more pulled together, minimal effort required.

Fashion collage