Spring cleaning your space, mind and body this season

Words By Caitriona Potter

Spring is a season of rebirth and renewal, and we can all benefit from assessing our environments, releasing the old, and making space for the new. We have made it out of the long, dark winter, and it is not uncommon to want to rid our environments of anything that reminds us of our hibernation. Clutter, both physical and emotional,  can accumulate in our lives from season to season, and if we are not conscious of it, we can hold on to a lot of energy from our environment that we would rather let go of. Here are 3 ways to Spring Clean your mind, body and space over the coming weeks. 

  • Our Space

Our physical environments can become cluttered and cramped with items and possessions we no longer use or need. A useful approach when considering what to keep and what to throw away, is to ask yourself, ‘Does this bring me joy?’. If not, the item can go! We often think the more we own, the better we will feel. But there is a lot to be said for the clean, refreshing feeling of letting go of stuff that has been piling up for a long time and this includes mentally. By releasing the old, you are once again opening yourself up to the beauty of new beginnings. 

  • Our Mind

Our mental state fluctuates, just as the seasons in nature do. For many people, Spring brings with it a sense of hope and positivity. As the new buds are blooming and nature is preparing to flourish, we resonate with this change and believe it is possible for ourselves, too. If you are carrying on to a lot of mental clutter from past seasons, consider journalling, talking to a friend or therapist, or writing it out on paper and burning the page (safely). This can be a very cathartic practice in releasing the mental energy that has been weighing heavily on you. 

  • Our Body

Similarly, our bodies can hold on to a lot of emotions that we are not aware of, which can create unnecessary stress and tension in our present lives. Symptoms of this may include headaches, stomach pains, muscle tension or fatigue. Yoga is a powerful tool in connecting the mind and body, and revealing long-forgotten emotions, wound tightly within our muscles. A regular yoga practice has been proven to stave off stress, disease, and inflammation. Running has similar detoxifying benefits, which can be very beneficial in replenishing the body with feel good endorphins. The warmer, brighter days which are upon us are the perfect time to introduce a new exercise routine to release the old and make space for the new.