Words by Bettina Campolucci Bordi, Author of ‘Happy Food’ a collection of easy and delicious plant-based recipes that anyone can incorporate into their busy life.

I love this dish! So simple, satisfying and easy to make. The eggy version of shakshuka has taken over cafes worldwide. This version is still as substantial and has a spicy, smoky edge to it that I love.”

Serves 2


80ml olive oil

1/2 red onion, chopped

1/2 red pepper, chopped

1/2 aubergine, chopped

1 x 400g tin of tomatoes

230g tinned butter beans, drained

4 sundried tomatoes, chopped

1/2 tsp sweet paprika

Pinch of cayenne pepper

Pink Himalayan salt and black pepper, to taste

To serve

A handful of chopped parsley

Good quality vegan bread

Drizzle of vegan pesto

Dollops of plant yoghurt

Lemon wedges

A few cherry tomatoes, to garnish (optional)

A few endive leaves, to garnish (optional)

  • In a medium pan, heat the oil and fry the onion, pepper, and aubergine with a tiny pinch of salt for 10–15 minutes. It is important you use a good amount of oil here to get it going and to make sure that the veggies soften properly.
  • Then add the tomatoes, beans, sundried tomatoes, and all the spices and seasoning, give it a good stir and leave on a medium heat, covered, for 10 minutes.
  • Check on the mixture when the time is up, give it a stir and leave for another 10 minutes.
  • By now the shakshuka should be done, the liquid should have mostly cooked off and turned sticky and there should be a smoky gorgeous mixture in your pan.
  • Serve immediately from the pan with a good sprinkle of chopped parsley, avocado slices, home-made bread for dipping and if you have some pumpkin seed pesto, get that in too, along with some plant yogurt and lemon wedges to squeeze over.

Top Tip; “This is such a comforting dish that can also be made in bigger quantities and reheated. It’s a weekend brunch kind of meal, but also super when you’re coming home from work and are in need of something substantial. I sometimes add some sliced avocado to mine, for extra creaminess, which I’m sure will come as no surprise!”

Happy Food: Fast, fresh, simple vegan by Bettina Campolucci Bordi
Happy Food: Fast, fresh, simple vegan by Bettina Campolucci Bordi


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