Proving to be a massive highlight at this year’s festival, In The Flesh is an enthralling exhibition by one of Australia’s most exciting and important contemporary sculptors, Sam Jinks.

The exhibition, which includes new and existing work, explores the themes of intimacy, empathy, alienation, mortality, and acceptance. His hyper-realistic representations of the body, constructed from clay casts, poured silicone, fiberglass, resin and human hair, reflect the impermanence of life and the body’s fragility, while simultaneously capturing the intimacy, strength, empathy, and vulnerability which defines us.

The viewer becomes suspended in an intense moment of intimacy with the work, a moment that cannot ordinarily be achieved amongst strangers. As we stare at the figures frozen in states of vulnerability, be it babyhood, old age or quiet contemplation, we glimpse our own vulnerabilities reflected back. The exhibition runs until this Sunday, 28th July 2019 in the Festival Gallery. The Festival Gallery is located on William Street. The entrance is just behind the bronze sculptures of Oscar Wilde and Eduard Vilde and is between Premoli shoe shop and Matt O’Flaherty’s chemist.

In the Flesh | Sam Jinks
In the Flesh | Sam Jinks Image: Larissa Oliveira Photography
In the Flesh | Sam Jinks - Image: Andrew Downes
In the Flesh | Sam Jinks – Image: Andrew Downes
In the Flesh | Sam Jinks
In the Flesh | Sam Jinks – Image: Andrew Downes

When: 15th – 28th July 2019

Time: 11am – 6pm / Late opening to 8pm Thursday–Saturday

Where: Festival Gallery, William St, Galway 

Cost: Free to all 



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