ReproMed offers a comprehensive range of assisted conception options including IVF to couples who are having difficulty conceiving and individuals who want a family of their own. The team pride themselves in taking a personal interest in their clients care regardless of where they are on their fertility journey, offering hope and new beginnings to many. 

Roseanna, who is a client of Repromed, had a difficult and challenging fertility journey. After giving birth to her eldest daughter, Saoirse, Roseanna thought she would conceive again with similar ease. This was not the case, after she subsequently experienced miscarriage, and tried various other avenues in what had been a difficult time period, Roseanna reached out to ReproMed. As a result of working alongside the team, her and her husband welcomed their second baby Farrah Rose into the world. Here we chatted with Roseanna about her fertility journey, advice she would like to offer others, and experience with ReproMed.

Roseanna’s Story 

When did you feel that you needed to reach out to ReproMed?

We decided to contact Repromed on hearing that they had a discount with our health insurance at the time, and felt this might be an option as fertility treatment is so costly.

What specific support did they offer you?

They covered every aspect from consultations to procedures and even a follow up service, checking in on us constantly to see how we were.

This can be an emotionally, physically and mentally tasking experience to say the least. How did having a service like ReproMed help your confidence, and guide your mindset during the experience?

After our initial consultation with our doctor we felt comfortable that we were in the safest hands. Every member of staff we dealt with, be it doctor, nurse or admin was so kind, supportive and empathetic to us on our journey. At one stage when we had to cancel our frozen transfer, it was obvious they put my health as their first priority. 

What advice would you give to others who are in a similar situation?

The cost has such a huge impact on couples who are considering fertility treatment. Not all insurance companies offer cover and even if they do the costs are huge and whether you’re successful or unsuccessful, the repayments are a constant reminder of a difficult time. This is an issue I would love to see discussed more openly. Exhaust all avenues and get your information. Discuss it in-depth with your partner and if you don’t try, then you’ll never know. 

Why is it important for you to share your fertility story?

I know there are many couples like us who have and are struggling to conceive. If telling our story gives one person the courage to reach out to Repromed (even if just for a consultation) then there’s hope that they might too be as lucky as us to successfully conceive.

How did it feel when you met Farrah Rose for the first time?

Indescribable. This little baby was such a miracle and I couldn’t even imagine her not in our lives now. 


Whether you require a consultation with one of their experienced medical team, or need to delve further, carry out some tests in their fertility clinics and consider doing IUI or IVF, Repromed will be there for you every step of the way offering the most up to date developments and high-tech treatment options in the fertility field. Whichever of these options you need, the Repromed team will provide the best service possible in a supportive, honest, environment and make sure that you are fully in control of your treatment at all times. Get in touch with their experienced team today