Restaurant in Focus: Re Nao


The West of Ireland, and in particular Galway, is known for an unbeatable love of great food, community and culture. It is no wonder then that the award-winning Hitianland Group has chosen here to situate their new relaxed, sophisticated and authentic Asian dining space @renaorestauraunt

T​​he Ré Nao team is no stranger to these shores, after all, three of their establishments in both Dublin and Galway have won the prestigious McKennas’ Guide. This is no surprise as their popular restaurant Xi’an Street Food on Quay street maintains an eight year reputation for some of the best food in the city. Similarly their recently opened and much acclaimed Ré Tea shop has brought bubbles and bao buns to the Wild Atlantic Way. Standing beautifully on Galway’s Spanish Arch with its heated outdoor patio looping around to face Galway bay, their latest trump Ré Nao has quickly become one of the finest places for dining in the West.

The Chinese city of Xi’an, which is the longest serving capital of China, an integral part of the Silk Road, and the city at the centre of the Tang Dynasty, is renowned for culture, trade and food. Inspired by Xi’an’s rich history of community and shared dining experiences, Ré Nao hopes to nurture the same atmosphere here in Galway. The name Ré Nao contains the meaningful Irish word ‘Ré’ which represents time, an age or an era. In Chinese, ‘Ré Nao’’ (热闹) translates to the spirit of delight, excitement, and happiness, all of which are clearly visible throughout the restaurant. 

The interiors are mesmerising but undoubtedly, food is the team’s passion, and creating delectable and intricately delightful dishes is something they have perfected. At Ré Nao the food is carefully curated using the finest and most authentically pure ingredients in order to offer an emotional, sensory and enjoyable dining experience. Each dish is expertly crafted in their ‘show kitchen’, where you can watch everything being prepared in front of you. From your seat, you will see the chefs vibrantly and enthusiastically preparing your noodles fresh to order. This creates a fun and inviting atmosphere while also showing off the skills of the team. 

On the other side of the restaurant, you’ll find a stylish and well stocked cocktail bar serving everything from the reliable ‘old fashioned’ to a summer ready fresh ‘cucumber sesh’ or a tantalising alcohol free ‘watermelon blitz’, along with many other signature cocktails. While these drinks are sure to please your taste buds, we can’t forget the star of the drinks show, their impressive bubble tea selection. 

The Galway vegan food scene is sure to be pleased with Ré Nao as they offer an extensive vegan menu showcasing impressive, well thought through and interesting options. Veganism is not a new concept, in fact it has long been advocated in Asian culture and the Ré Nao team are well versed on the topic. If this wasn’t impressive enough, Ré Nao has gone the extra mile by establishing a separate vegan kitchen for their customers’ peace of mind. They can also happily prepare many of their dishes to suit gluten free diets and cater to suit your food requirements. 

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