The Preparation for Pregnancy program in the Crane Clinic, located at 2 The Small Crane Square, William St. West, Galway combines acupuncture, laser therapy, herbs, and nutrition to regulate menstruation, improve ovarian function, balance hormones, enrich the endometrium lining and improve egg and sperm quality to boost pregnancy naturally or through IVF. Aine Delaney is a registered nurse, midwife and acupuncturist. Bernie Doyle is also an acupuncturist and both have many years’ experience in helping couples through their fertility journey. As stress negatively impacts fertility, acupuncture is used for its ability to relax the nervous system, reduce adrenaline and cortisol levels and improve fertility hormones. During your personalised program, nutritionist Emer Walsh will provide you with a nutrition and lifestyle plan to ensure you are receiving the best nutrition for maternal and foetal health. The team at Crane Clinic work in conjunction with doctors and fertility specialists as many women are already taking fertility medication and they recommend approximately three months preparation time to improve egg, sperm, uterine lining and blood flow.

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