by Aishlin Hennigan

For far too long we have hidden our lips under masks and banished our lip care kits to the bottom of the drawer. We’ve been paying too much attention to perfecting the winged eyeliner look and contour while our lips have been neglected. Well, it’s time for your lips to do the talking – metaphorically. Whether you love the natural sheen or a full blown dark matte lipstick, here are our top tips for pampering your pout from the inside out.

The first step to achieving the perfect pout is exfoliation. A quick scrub two to three times a week can make the world of difference. By scrubbing away dead skin cells, you remove flaky and dry skin and allow new cells to surface which restores shine, reduces fine lines and neutralises the colour of the lips. From bargains to blow outs, there are plenty of products to suit every budget. Aliso’s Sweet Mint Scrub is packed with anti-oxidants that help prevent and repair the cell damage, Vitamin E for reducing toxins and sugar crystal which gently buffs away dead skin cells. The Irish Vegan Soapery’s Lip Scrub is scented with essential oils and contains almond oil which nourishes and moisturises lips. If you want a DIY job, simply mix together a coarse ingredient such as sugar with an emollient like honey until it makes a paste. Massage in circles with slight pressure before applying a hydrating oil. Make sure to not over exfoliate as this can cause irritation, peeling and breakouts.


Did you know lipsticks can draw the moisture from your lips? I know, the ultimate betrayal. If you can’t live without your classic red lippy look opt for a tinted balm. Bursting with all that good stuff like locally sourced beeswax and plant butters with natural tints from beetroot and rose, the Daughter’s of Flowers Morrigan Deeply Tinted Lip Balm penetrates deep into the lip to resolve dryness. For a more natural glow, The Burren Perfumery’s Sweet Orange and Honey Balm is an organic balm that can treat that cracking sensation we all know too well. They’re as easy to slip into your jacket pocket as it is to slip into your beauty regime. Apply the balm before continuing with the rest of your makeup routine to create a base for lipstick and lip glosses to last longer.


Dehydration occurs when the body loses more fluid than it is intaking so it begins to draw on parts of the body for water like the skin of lips. Lifestyle habits like drinking tea and coffee or exercise can increase the chance of dehydration. Drinking plenty of water is the best way to combat dehydration and restore natural moisture for ultimate lip plumpness. The recommended amount for water intake is 2L for women and 2.5L for men. For an extra boost of vitamins, add in sliced lemon which has Vitamin C for even pigmentation.


Cucumbers have been a long time staple of the spa regime. As they’re rich in vitamins, minerals and water, they are famous for reducing puffy eyes and their hydration and plumping properties. They are full of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) which promotes the production of collagen, a protein that is resilient to skin tissue. Caffeic acid, also present in cucumber, is an antioxidant that lightens the skin and protects it against UV light, preventing wrinkles from forming. Get comfy and apply a slice of cucumber to the lips for 10-15 minutes twice a day for hydration.  


Lip masks contain all the vitamins, minerals and serums that lip balms do but just in an concentrated amount. With so many different masks out there you can find one to suit your schedule. The BEO Sleep Well Overnight Lip Mask harnesses the relaxing and replenishing properties of organic Lavender to protect your lips against dryness. Apply the balm before heading to bed and feel the calming effect wave over your body as your drift asleep. Containing shea butter and local natural beeswax, the balm encourages a peaceful nights rest as it nourishes your lips.