Choosing the Right Garden Furniture for Your Space

If this Summer is anything like last year we are sure to see outdoor furniture selling out everywhere, so it’s a good idea to start picking up your favourite pieces early. With the sun starting to make an appearance no doubt many of you have been spending more time outdoors and, for many of us, that means relaxing or entertaining at home in an alfresco area. It seems hopeful that we will be able to dine outside since the weather has picked up and there’s nothing better than enjoying a glass of wine in your own garden.
Now, we appreciate that for many people a garden is a luxury, so we’ve pulled together a selection of the most stylish garden furniture out there, that’s perfect for small spaces, too. These outdoor furnishings will have your place summer-ready in a flash.
Orlaith Melia
Feature Image: Asiatic London


Your outdoor space, be it a garden, patio, or balcony area is an extension of your home interior, not a separate entity, so treat it as a continuation when choosing furniture. Your outdoor setting should reflect your indoor interior style. Make sure the scale is right for your setting so your furniture doesn’t end up looking too big or too small and looking out of proportion. Start by looking at the primary function of your outdoor space and combine your elements like seating, storage or lighting to steer the design direction.



Accessorising is the key to making your outdoor space look inviting. Start by choosing colours and textures to complement the natural Irish landscape. Outdoor rugs, greenery and planters, lighting, cushions, and table accessories are all elements you can use with your interiors, but sometimes fail to utilise in outdoor spaces. Keep environmental and seasonal factors top of mind too. If the space is not under a cover, it could potentially affect the materials you choose. If you want year-round upholstery, look for a fabric that’s easy to clean and waterproof to make the most of your outdoor space.


Outdoor Rugs

Indoor/Outdoor rugs will be very popular this year so let’s hope the good weather comes with it! A natural rug will add another layer to your outside styling. Tom Dempsey Flooring has a new Indoor/outdoor collection made entirely from sustainably produced recycled materials. Choose from subtle abstract textures and rich finishes for your new stylish outdoor area.