By Megan-Josephine Reynolds

Although horror movies are entertaining any day of the year, there’s nothing like watching them whilst cosied up under a blanket on a dark October evening, with Hallowe’en just around the corner. From slight spooks suitable for kids to full-on goosebumps just for adults, we’ve rounded up some of the best horror movies to get you in the Hallowe’en spirit.
Slight spooks:


Suitable for: 9+

11 year-old Coraline Jones is fed up with her boring new town. After stumbling across a secret door in her house, she finds a world that closely parallels her own – only much more interesting. However, a frightening sacrifice must be made in order for her to stay there.

We say: One of the best stop-motion movies of all time, Coraline is not just for kids. Equal parts charming and creepy, it’ll leave you humming, ‘it’s Coraline; she’s as sweet as a button in the eye…’.

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Corpse Bride

Suitable for: 11+

When shy Victor accidentally proposes to a living corpse, he’s whisked away to the underworld to be wed. Now, he must find a way to return to his real love, Victoria, in the land of the living.

We say: Based on a 19th-century Russian folktale, Corpse Bride is classic Tim Burton, with wonderfully strange visuals, tongue-in-cheek humour and a hauntingly beautiful score. 

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Creepy chills:

Jennifer’s Body

Suitable for: 16+

When small-town cheerleader Jennifer gets possessed by a demon, she suddenly gains a liking for the killing of her male classmates.

We say: Victim to a bad marketing strategy, Jennifer’s Body has since garnered a huge cult following since it flopped in 2009 – for good reason. The film explores the sexualitazation of the female body and the themes of love and revenge, all to a brilliant pop-punk soundtrack. Furthermore, who can forget the iconic lines: “I will finish you if I have to.”  “Okay… you can barely finish gym class.”

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The Woman in Black

Suitable for: 15+

After a client of his passes away, a lawyer travels to a remote village in order to assess her estate. Upon arriving, he discovers that the villagers are hiding a terrible secret that not even their children are safe from.

We say: A creepy sense of dread haunts every scene of A Woman in Black, culminating in a tense but brilliant film. We recommend grabbing a friend, or a blanket to hide behind, to watch this one.

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Suitable for: 18+

A grieving woman accompanies her boyfriend and his grad-school friends on a visit to a remote Swedish village’s mid-summer festival. However, the once idyllic town reveals a disturbing dark world when unnerving festivities begin to take place.

We say: The film that skyrocketed Florence Pugh to attention, Midsommar is more psychological thriller than typical horror. However, this visual psychedelic ends up being far more unsettling than most Hollywood jumpscares.

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