New Treatments Available At Galway’s PureJoy Skin Clinic


Joy Colleran has a lot to be excited about! As the driving force behind Galway’s Pure Joy Skin Clinic she has seen a lot of changes in skincare technology over the past 22 years but the latest innovations are impressive to say the least. Joy is extremely proud to be bringing the following new and ground-breaking skin treatments to the West of Ireland.

Focus Dual

This is a combination of two pre-existing gold-standard skin treatments with impressive results. Focus Dual marries radiofrequency micro needling and HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound) which allows practitioners to lift, firm and tighten the skin at every layer, from non-surgical facelifts and eyebrow lifts to jawline sculpting and scar treatment.


Another cutting-edge innovation that is available in the Purejoy Skin Clinic is the OBSERV 520x. This is a powerful skin consultation tool which is used to assess the client’s skin from the perspective of texture and topography. The key area of focus for the OBSERV 520x is pigmentation and redness which so many Irish skin types suffer from. This scientific approach to skin care analysis ensures that the Purejoy team of skin specialists can examine what is happening in the various layers of the client’s skin and thereby allows them to recommend a personalised Treatment Plan which incorporates lifestyle, diet, supplements and of course skin care.

The Purejoy team has the knowledge and the powerful treatment combinations to ensure that every person that comes through the door has sensational skin.

To book your skin consultation call Purejoy on 091 530540 or check out https://purejoybeauty and all social media platforms.