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One of the most exciting things about the changing seasons is the introduction of new seasonal interior trends. With just three months left in 2018, check out our top picks of what’s trending right now to take the chill out of the season.


TREND #1 Exotic Global Travel Influences



This autumn we’ll see room schemes that conjure the idea of exotic escapes reimagined with cosy textures and a deep autumnal colour palette. Two geographical areas are emerging as particularly popular; Africa (including Morocco) and South America (in particular Mexico).

Heritage prints and tribal patterns, alongside animal motifs will create the feel of a sun-soaked safari even in the depths of winter.

Utilise texture and rich colour to add some winter warmth. Warm reds and orange tones mixed alongside rich greens give this look an autumnal spin.

Animal hide and skins, either on floor coverings or faux effect wallpaper, are another great way to introduce the look. On the floor, traditional hides always look great but if the room dictates a larger or squarer rug, then patchwork leather or animal hide can be good options.

Mexican Fiesta

Mexican Fiesta

This look is all about celebrating colour – vibrant tones in the home can be really uplifting when it’s cold outside. Plus, the colour experts at Pantone have also predicted we’ll be decorating with some vivid and unconventional colours in A/W including pink peacock, quetzal green, russet and valiant poppy.

Introduce Mexican motifs with snakeskin, cacti or candy skulls. Flat woven colourful rugs inspired by the distinctive traditional Huichol patterns of Mexico bring the party vibe to the floor.

Romantic Morocco

Romantic Morocco

Moroccan interior design is all about sumptuous fabrics and intricate pattern work or tiling. Evoke the exotic and romantic feel of Morocco with damask patterned window blinds. A rich grey base with intricate metallic detailing will update the look for autumn winter.

Hanging metal lamps and authentic shaggy rugs, as well as tiled wallpaper, can all help to achieve this mysterious and romantic look.

TREND #2 Autumn Florals

Autumn Florals

Often people only think of springtime when it comes to florals, but floral wallpaper is a popular look throughout the winter. Update florals with rich autumnal colourways and matching furniture in plush fabrics. Or choose a palette of dusky pink and warm neutrals and create a cosy feel by layering up throws and textures throughout the room.

TREND #3 Retro Revival

Retro revival

This season’s take on the 1970s trend is clear about its origins, yet mellow and sophisticated at the same time. A touch of paisley, mid-century furniture and a brown or orange rug on stripped back floorboards looks chic and effortless. Teraccotta is a key colour and shag pile rugs are back.

TREND #4 Dark Decadence

Dark decadence

Those who favour the dark side can luxuriate in the opulence of midnight blue, rich russet, amethyst, emerald green and deep teal this season – but the best news is that black is back!

Black is a rich and versatile shade with lots of subtle variations. Some may be fearful of this shadowy shade but there are lots of advantages to using black in the home as it has a real cocooning effect and it’s almost impossible to clash with.

Metallic highlights (especially gold) shine brightest against a black backdrop. Alternatively, take Pantone’s advice and mix in some more surprising shades that express originality, ingenuity and creativity.



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