Words by Caitriona Potter

One of the best ways to appreciate Autumn is to engage in new hobbies, especially ones that were inaccessible or time consuming during the Summer months. Here are some Autumn-specific activities which suit varied budgets for that will keep you feeling focused, relaxed and joyful this fall. 

Go foraging

The act of gathering wild food known as foraging, is best practised in Autumn. Galway is packed full of natural landscapes for foraging, such as the Connemara coast. Seaweed, such as Dilisk and Carrageenan, can be found at sea and are highly nutritious. This is a great hobby through which to appreciate nature, remain active and keep social, as well as a great way to boost your health naturally with fresh plants and herbs.

Book a cookery class 

Cookery classes are a fantastic way to learn new recipes and remain social. Learning one or two warm and comforting Autumn recipes such as soups or casseroles is a wonderful way to add to your skillset and impress guests! Combined with foraging, you can also learn to cook up a nutrient-packed seaweed broth, which will put a spring in your step this autumn. 

Take up photography

Photograpy is a perfect Autumn hobby as nature begins to slow down. It does not require a fancy camera or equipment, there are lots of tutorials available online, and the finished product will be a beautiful memoir. Take a trip to your local park or beach, practice different styles, and capture the beauty all around you.

Grab a paint brush 

Painting is a wholesome, screen-free way to spend time this Autumn. Why not combine this with photography and paint your local forest walk? It is relatively cheap, accessible, and will boost your feel-good hormones. There is no right or wrong way to be an artist, so get creative!

Practice Yoga 

Yoga is a great way to slow down and support your nervous system. You can join a local class or practise solo using an app or free online resources. Yoga helps you feel more relaxed, flexible, and strong. It does not require a lot of energy and can be practised anywhere.

Join an indoor sports group

Indoor activities such as tennis, badminton and swimming classes are perfect for Autumn weather. You could even enrol in a course to upskill or pursue a passion such as dance. Social connection is paramount for wellbeing, and a great way to feel closer to someone is to mutually pursue a new hobby together. Indoor exercise is a fun way to improve fitness and mental wellbeing and can be enjoyed on your own or as part of a team. 

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Image @bluesizes via Pinterest