Netflix is like a reliable pal getting us through the long evenings and weekends. If like me, it takes an argument with your roommate or hours of procrastination over what to watch then this compilation of highly recommended picks might help ease the selection process!


-Jade Tierney


1. Malcolm and Marie

Zendaya and John David Washington showcase a powerful raw performance in this stunning Netflix original. The audience is taken on a journey through an intimate and exhausting argument between the pair. An extremely theatrical dialogue that highlighted true talent from both actors that will grip you from the onset.


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2. Firefly Lane

If you are looking for a lockdown binge-fest, this one’s for you. Firefly Lane is a multi-layered story following the lives and friendship of two lovable characters played by Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke. The story is told through flashbacks and delves into the struggles of growing up, motherhood, romance, divorce, trauma, and navigating life in your 40’s. The 10-episode series is one of the best series Netflix has brought out in a long time!


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3. Marriage Story

Directed by Noah Baumbach, Marriage Story takes us on a journey of a couple’s beautiful yet turbulent marriage story and encompasses every emotion from romance, drama and comedy. By the end, I felt totally exhausted but extremely invested in this beautifully told tale. 


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 4. To All the Boys: always and forever

The third film in the series: To All The Boys, continues to play with the ‘’will they or won’t they’’ dynamic that has been the main focus in the movie series. This is a highly predictable rom-com but sometimes that’s just what we need. The charming, central character Lara jean, continues her love story with heartthrob Peter and navigates life as she becomes an adult. This story has been told a million times before, but an easy enjoyable watch.


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5. Atypical

I have never seen a series like this one. Atypical follows Sam, a teenager with autism as he navigates the struggles of becoming an adult. The story grabs your attention as the main actor gives an incredibly convincing performance and shows people just how difficult it can be for someone living in a world that isn’t fully equipped for people on the spectrum. The script is extremely witty and each character is well developed, making your sympathy fluctuate and be redirected throughout.


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