Nailing The ‘No Make Up’ Make Up Look

By Aishlin Hennigan
Here at GALWAYnow we want to promote and encourage you to embrace your natural beauty and feel your best. Whether you’re a full coverage fan, a minimal makeup enthusiast or somewhere in between, we have covered our favourite makeup techniques and products to let your natural beauty shine. 

Preparation is key in laying a good foundation to maximise your products. Regular exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells and promote the growth of new cells while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and giving the skin a smoother appearance. Serums are a fantastic addition to your routine, helping to restore natural hydration and allowing your products to penetrate deeper and work harder. (For glowing skin, try serums enriched Vitamins A, E and D). Moisturiser is the next step in your preparation but ensuring you find the right one for your skin type is very important e.g. Rosehip oil aids redness and irritation, hyaluronic acid holds moisture giving a plumping effect and lavender oil can help to prevent breakouts. Of course, every routine on every day of the year should end with application of an SPF to ensure your skin is protected against harmful UV rays. 


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If your skin leans on the oily side, makeup can slide off the face; too dry (which is common during colder months) and crumbly, patchy makeup is common. Adding a primer after your prep and before your foundation is a good idea to help makeup last longer and give your skin an added boost where needed. Whether you want to shrink your pores, reduce shine or illuminate the skin, there are a huge range of primers on the market to address your unique skin needs. 


Whether you want a light dewy finish or full coverage, the type of product along with the method of application will ensure you get the finish that you desire. For textured or acne prone skin I would recommend using a beauty blender to dab make up over imperfections. For normal or combination skin, a flat brush allows you to build to your required coverage. Just remember that a little goes a long way and building coverage gives you a much more long lasting and natural finish. 



For all you dark, full eyebrowed people, honestly I’m jealous. If you just need a little taming and tidying, clear brow gel and a spooly will help them stay in place all day. Not of the full browed brigade? Fear not, tinted brow gels can volumise, tint and tame brows giving a natural look that is fool proof. 


Mascara grabs, lifts and separates each lash which opens your eyes allowing a fresher and more alert look. To nurture and nourish your lashes, look out for products filled with provitamin B5 and serin. Promote growth by applying castor oil to the lash line with a spooly before bed. Within two weeks, lashes should be thicker and softer. For one step further, try a lash lift from your local salon. The treatment lifts, curls and tints which is catered to your natural lash enhancing the natural eye without the maintenance of lash extensions.


Nourished lips are a must in pulling off this effortless finish. Oils enriched with nutrients like jojoba, rosehip and coconut leave your lips with a luscious feeling and promote cellular growth to keep them hydrated against cold air which is important during the harsher winter months. Exfoliants specifically designed for the delicate skin on your lips will also help to slough off dead skin cells and keep them smooth. For a pop of colour, tinted lip oils, balms and light glosses can take the place of a heavier liner/ lipstick combo for easy, beautiful lips on the go. 


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For youthful skin and complex sculpted look, glide the darkest shade of contour below cheekbones to enhance natural dimensions. For more mature skin, apply the darkest shade of contour above the cheekbones for a lifted, youthful look. Apply the highlighter to the highest points of your face (where the sun would naturally hit) like cheekbones, end of the nose and brow bone to accentuate glowing dimensions. Buff with a damp beauty sponge and you’re good to go. Contour sticks allow for buildable coverage while powdered products are ideal for controlling oily skin.


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Finishing Touches

Dotting All The Eyes:

For all you faux freckle lovers (or natural freckle faces) if you want to really convince people into thinking you have the au-natural finish, complete the look with a brown lip pencil. Simply colour over your natural freckles and moles to accentuate your natural beauty. You can fake it until you make it too, by just lightly dotting the pencil across either side of your nose for that sun-kissed freckled effect.

Final Spritz:

Hydrating, mattifying or detoxifying, which setting spray is the one for you? Hydrating sprays leave the face feeling dewy and refreshed and can be used on most skin types. For oily skin, try a mattifying setting spray that will help to keep oiliness at bay and help your makeup to last longer. Detoxifying mists are infused with anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and calm the skin and are ideal for irritated skin.