Mother’s Day Special: Lynsey De Burca & Sons

Lynsey De Burca and sons
Jewellery designer Lynsey de Burca lives in Moycullen with her husband Steve and two beautiful sons, Nathan and Dominic. A native of Kinvara, Lynsey designs beautiful pieces with a minimal aesthetic that are inspired by the small harbours along the Wild Atlantic Way. GALWAYnow caught up with Lynsey to see how life has changed since the arrival of her two beautiful boys.

Lynsey, tell us a little bit about your life before the boys came along…

After graduating from Metal Design in NCAD, I spent several years working in jewellery and fashion retail. Throughout that time, I got a Diploma in Gemmology from NUIG and started my business on a part-time basis. I love designing and making contemporary sterling silver jewellery. Using centuries-old craft techniques, each link from every one of my collections is hand forged in my garden studio. Steve and I got married in 2011. We were childhood sweethearts – we’ve been together since we were 15 so we have a lovely little love story! Our first son Nathan arrived in 2014, followed by Dominic in 2017.

Do you find it hard to work full-time and be a mother at the same time?

The work\life balance is a tricky one! The last four years have been quite a whirlwind for us. From the arrival of our boys to buying our first home, and changing the business into a full-time job, it’s been busy! I now run the business full-time from our purpose-built studio behind our house so at least I don’t have to worry about commuting and traffic every day!

Do the boys go to creche/childcare every day?

Nathan, who is four, attends Naíonra every weekday morning and Dominic, our one year old, goes to a childminder one day a week. The other days are a bit of a juggling act between working in the studio, looking after the boys and managing the business.

I think we have finally found our feet in the last six months though as we have a nice little routine that works for us now. My days are long as I often take the boys out to the studio with me for short periods during the day and then I work after they go to bed. But it’s so worth it. I love the freedom of working from home, being my own boss and having the boys with me as well.

Do you think that motherhood has changed you?

It has totally changed me as a person, in the best possible way. I don’t take things so seriously anymore – it has given me a whole new perspective on life. Before the boys arrived I used to get caught up in the little things. I spent so much time worrying about things that weren’t important. Motherhood has made me see what is truly important, and that is my family.

Did it hold you back from pursuing other avenues with your career?

There were a few opportunities which I had to turn down along the way but I think that everything happens for a reason and a better one will come along. And if one doesn’t, I will try and create my own opportunities and seek out new ventures.

“Motherhood has made me see what is truly important, and that is my family.”

What is your favourite thing about motherhood?

It would have to be the cuddles! I just love them, especially the bedtime story cuddles! I love how you can see their personalities develop so quickly and how they create their own little ways of doing things. Dominic has really started expressing himself and is coming into his own – he has the funniest facial expressions. He is a real character, you wouldn’t mess with him! Nathan is so different – he is really sensitive and thoughtful. I love how they are so different and it’s just magical watching them grow and learning new things every day.

What is the most challenging aspect of being a mother?

I think it’s so important to be a good role model, and a good parent. To be constant, mindful, sensitive and encouraging. Remembering to pass on good values and qualities. Teaching them to be kind, good, loving, and happy people. It’s not always easy to do but I think it’s so important.

What has been the most surprising thing about motherhood?

The amount of unconditional love you hold for your children is just unbelievable. The feeling of warmth, love and pride when you look at their little faces. They can do no wrong! Motherhood is such a fun and loving journey, one that is always evolving and changing. I’m loving every minute of it!

Images: Sean McCormack

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