Mind Your Mind with Yoga Mara

Yoga Mara sisters, Rachel and Hannah Healy are launching their ‘Mind Your Mind’ campaign for Mental Health Awareness Month this May. Every day throughout the month, Yoga Mara will be offering short, simple and practical ways to ‘Mind Your Mind’ and help people reset, recharge and reconnect. The month-long campaign begins May 1 st with a FREE sunrise yoga session at 7:30am on the green, Blackrock, Salthill, followed by a sea swim. Other planned events include the @yogamaraescapes Instagram live with Bridgerton actress Ruby Barker, who is a renowned advocate for mental health awareness, taking place May 3 rd , 8pm. Tailored guided meditation, breath-work and yoga classes will also be available on the watchyogamara.com website, accessible to anyone who needs them.

Their campaign is also taking the Galway sisters to New York where they have been asked to host yoga and meditation classes for the Irish community at the Aisling Centre. As part of their trip, and testament to their growing reputation, the Yoga Mara duo have also been invited to run an afternoon of private yoga sessions for an A-list celebrity and her guests.

Mental Health awareness is the bedrock of the Yoga Mara brand, and this campaign is one their biggest to date. Ireland is ranked as one the highest countries in Europe with mental health illness according to the Health at a Glance report. There is still some stigma attached to mental health disorders in the country and more needs to be done. This is why both Rachel and Hannah are passionate about helping others to build coping strategies and tools as a prevention.

Rachel said: “Coming together as a community to support one another, sharing stories and doing activities that lift you can have a profound and positive impact on your mental health. Knowing that others feel like you do also helps you feel less isolated – it’s important to be honest about how we’re feeling. To have someone as profile as Ruby talk to us about her personal experience will be a great support to anyone struggling.”


Hannah added: “We’re launching with the free yoga session and sea swim because it’s a great way of bringing a community together. The sea is also an incredible way to bring you out of your mind and into the body. You don’t have the chance to think about anythingbut the moment you are in. It is one of the most mindful things we can do and it’s free!”


Find out more: www.watchyogamara.com Instagram: @yogamaraescapes