Luxe Loungewear That Will Make You Feel Comfortable and Stylish

Investing in comfortable loungewear is always a great idea, in 2021 comfort takes priority but that won’t stop you from looking stylish.

One of the biggest fashion trends of 2020 was definitely loungewear. In lockdown 1.0 retailers saw a boom in loungewear and couldn’t keep up with demand. A trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon with more and more of us working from home in 2021, we now have more choice than ever!

To keep up with this new shift in lifestyle, loungewear has become a firm favourite in our wardrobes. From elevated knit sets to cashmere sweaters, designers have come up with fresh new ways to look stylish while still feeling comfortable at home. Below, you will find a selection of luxurious loungewear that will make you feel excited for the day ahead.

By Orlaith Melia

Feature Image: Massimo dutti

The White Company

The White Company

Cashmere Socks €47


Source Unknown Store

Cable Knit Set €130