Lovevery Sustainable Toys Launch in Ireland

Lovevery is the luxury global parenting brand where science meets child development, and they have recently launched their newest line; Play Kits, in Ireland. Sustainable products and practices have been a part of Lovevery’s DNA since the brand launched in 2017 and they are also focused on expanding initiatives around equity and inclusion and education and access so that all families can experience the transformational benefits of their brand. 

All Lovevery products ship carbon neutral with efficient packaging to reduce waste and are crafted from materials like FSC-certified wood, organic cotton, OEKO-TEX® fabrics, handcrafted felt, recycled paper, soy-based ink, water-based paints, and even bio-based plastics. Lovevery is focused on reversing the climate crisis in service of future generations and encompasses every area of the brand and business operations. And to extend the life of their products, the company also offers a spare parts guarantee (in the US), so a lost puzzle piece or missing peg doesn’t mean something goes to landfill. Lovevery wants to keep its products in use for as many children as possible.

“I can think of no greater obstacle that future generations face than what’s at stake right now with our home planet,” said Jessica Rolph, Lovevery Cofounder & CEO. “Through The Lovevery Commitment, we are taking immediate and meaningful steps in order to reverse the effects of climate change, while uplifting others to do the same through their everyday choices. We’re deeply inspired by the Lovevery families that we serve and the optimism of our children—our hope for the future is as strong as ever.

Lovevery has already made massive contributions and improvements in the arena of sustainability. They experienced a 33% reduction in packaging waste from 2019-2020, are using 100% FSC-certified wood across all products and are offset 4,062 metric tons of carbon from the supply chain from 2019-2020. Lovevery has also offset 297 megawatts of scope 2 emissions by investing in wind power to counteract the business’s energy usage and invested 115 Megawatts off Green-e® certified renewable energy into Idaho Power Green Power Program (Solar4RSchools Program) to have 100% renewable energy in Lovevery’s Boise, Idaho headquarters. They have also joined the Climate Collaborative and the SME Climate Hub to accelerate change and co-signed the U.S. NDC business letter addressed to the Biden administration. 

By 2023, Loverly aims to ensure that everything they make has the longest life possible and will create a second-hand marketplace for their subscribers. By 2025, 90% of the materials used in their products and packaging will aim to be made from renewable, biobased, or recycled materials that are verified by third parties. By 2030, they hope to achieve net zero carbon in every possible part of our supply chain. Ongoing initiatives include inspiring others to join  in asking questions, learning, and taking action.

We look forward to sharing more soon about our work spanning access, education and inclusivity—because true sustainability cannot happen without creating more equitable systems.” Roderick Morris, Lovevery Cofounder & President. 

The Casey family from Trim, Ireland recently won a Lovevery competition and were one of the families selected to win the Play Kits for their son, Noah. See what they have to say about their experience with using these products here.  @lovevery.europe