Lost Stock: The Fashion Boxes Helping Garment Workers Survive

Artem Beliaikin at Pexels
An estimated $2 billion worth of high street retailers clothing orders were cancelled as a result of Covid-19. These clothes were ready to be sold across the UK and Ireland over the summer. However, as a result of shop closure there has been no need for such large quantities of clothing.

By Orlaith Melia

Due to these unprecedented cancellations workers in underdeveloped countries face job losses and starvation. It is estimated that over a million Bangladesh garment workers are out of work and without financial support. It is crisis in itself, without intervention this ‘lost stock’ of 982 million pieces of clothing would be sent to landfill creating pollution and greenhouse gasses.

In response to the crisis, Lost Stock was set up by Scotland based entrepreneur Cally Russell, the founder of fashion shopping app Mallzee. This innovative idea allows shoppers to buy a box of clothing directly from the manufacturer for €39.95 with each item catering to your size and style preferences and each box containing at least 3 pieces of clothing. These are unworn pieces which were set for the high-street this summer. You get the clothing at 50% off the retail price and are supporting garment workers in Bangladesh who would otherwise be without financial support during this time.

The response to these mystery boxes has been incredible. Their aim  is to sell 10,000 boxes by the end of May and now, having already sold more than 68,000 boxes, it is a great initiative which really highlights the effects of the Fast Fashion industry.

To support the worker via Lost Stock, simply visit their website.