Discovering Irish Design – Lia Cowan

For our Spring issue cover we are delighted to feature the work of designer Lia Cowan. Lia is one of the four mentioned emerging Irish designers to note, featured in our most recent March/April print publication. Find out more about her designs, influences and work below and read the full feature in our Spring issue, on shelves now.


Lia Cowan is a conceptual artist and designer from Dublin and she is also a winner of the Longines Irish Champions Young Designer award. Her sculptural background informs and adds an experimental, light and playful nature to her work while her design approach focuses on meticulously exploring a diverse range of topics, themes, literature, poetry and prose. Her work is sought after as each collection is completely unique and when you purchase one of Lia’s designs you are valuing an item which is carefully considered, curated and lovingly handcrafted. Each piece is an heirloom which is intended to be carefully passed down from one generation to the next.

‘As a past sculptor, playfulness and experimentation are very important parts of my creative process. Each piece I make tends to have a mind of its own and I love to follow its journey. I drape each flower, each sleeve, each collar. I love to play with volume, gathering fabric and using elastic to make each piece organic and unique’.


Lia Cowan @liacowandesign

Image details

Photographer: Martha Mac Nulty

Makeup: Gail Miller

Stylist: Adam Walsh

Hair Stylist: Amy Donoghue

Mode:l Ella Redmond

Agency: Morgan the Agency