From spring florals and oriental blooms to forest and jungle themes, nature inspired interiors are bang on trend at the moment. This time of year it’s all about letting nature in with bright colours, vibrant patterns, real flowers and elements inspired by nature.


Add a little nature to your home and breathe some life into a tired room. Organic shapes, natural materials and earth-inspired motifs make for beautiful nature-inspired architecture and interior design. The mindful practise of ‘Forest Bathing’ refers to spending time in a forest, drawing on the therapeutic powers of nature. It’s believed to reduce stress and promote wellbeing. If you are feeling inspired to reconnect with nature, these hyper-realistic forest wallpapers will really allow homeowners to take a walk in the woods all year round.



Bring the outdoors in with colour flower patterns and floral scents. There are so many reasons why floral, botanical and nature inspired designs are continually popular within the home. The desire to reconnect with nature and the freshness and versatility of blooms is a huge attraction each and every year. In some cultures, birds are thought to bring light, inspiration and good luck to a home. In traditional feng shui, for instance, birds can symbolise love, abundance and good fortune. Bright colours have maximum impact – smart pastels such as pink, cornflour blue or sage green are all good choices.

Blooms and Birds1


A colourful rug will instantly update any room. Bold patterns and bright colours will create a fresh and vibrant feel. While abstract and floral rugs make a bold statement, soft colourways are so easy to work and live with. Cornflower blue and cool shades of pink are key colour combinations for this look.



Vibrant colours never fail to bring a bright touch to an interior. The colour of choice will also add personality to the room. Think corals, oranges, reds and yellows for the ultimate bright and beautiful colour scheme. Whether you’re bringing fresh flowers in or adding flower inspired elements to the design scheme doesn’t matter, there are a million ways to use this trend when designing an interior. Add brightly coloured accessories to neutral rooms to refresh your look with minimal effort.

Blooms and Birds10


This summery botanical trend is testament that our love of nature continues to grow. Bold wallpapers, such as tropical leaves, are going from strength to strength this season. Vibrant bold prints can breathe new life into rooms, big or small. Choose botanical prints to make a style statement, and layer textures and combine different fabrics. Palm prints are the key motif throughout this look, whether real or as part of a fabric or wallpaper design. Oversized palm prints or exotic pineapples look fabulous on rugs – a brilliant way to work in pattern from the ground up.

Blooms and Birds7


Asian-style interiors instantly evoke an image of serenity and tranquil calm. Oriental-themed interiors accomplish this goal in inimitable style by ushering in harmony and balance. The lovely pinks of cherry blossoms, ravishing reds and luxurious purples are all an integral part of the oriental style. It’s the little details that make a big difference to the ambiance of a room. Make sure you keep the accessories and furnishings as sustainable and organic as possible to induce a truly oriental vibe

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