Laughter, Sadness and Love at heart of TG4’s new Autumn Schedule

TG4 Autumn Launch 2018
The official launch of the TG4 Autumn 2018 schedule took place today in Tribeton, Galway and we caught a sneak preview of the upcoming series of Autumn programmes. Expect lots of laughter, sadness and love at the heart of TG4’s fantastic new schedule! 

TG4 Autumn Launch 2018

The diverse range of programmes provide plenty of laughs from the likes of Hector, Daithí Ó Sé, Daniel O’Donnell and interesting guests from near and far.

The highly successful ‘Underdogs’ returns after a ten-year break, with renowned footballers Paul Galvin, Valerie Mulcahy & Ray Silke as this year’s selectors, putting a new group of skilled hopefuls under pressure and creating plenty of healthy competition for places on their team.

Heartbreak and anguish are portrayed in the hard-hitting documentary series’, ‘Finné’ & ‘Tabú’, presented by renowned journalist Orla O’Donnell and radio star Eoghan McDermott respectively. The programmes deal with controversies relating to injustice and the burning questions facing Irish society today.

The weekly current affairs series ‘7 Lá’ returns and the highly acclaimed documentary series ‘Fíorscéal’ kicks off with the Irish broadcast premiere of John & Gerry McColgan’s hard-hitting film, ‘This is Palestine’, this Thursday, 6th September.

They also have an informative new series on the history, traditions, and culture of food in Ireland – ‘Blasta’, as well as following a year in the life of the team in a renowned rural hotel, the  ‘Shandon’, in Donegal.

Series’ such as ‘Bailte’‘Gaeil UK’‘Turas Bóthar’‘Beidh Aonach Amárach’ and ‘Bádóirí’ give us a unique insight into the lives of ordinary people and particular communities, in Ireland and Britain, in a contemplative but entertaining way.

TG4 Autumn Launch 2018

Sports coverage on TG4 is going from strength to strength as they approach the high point in the LGFA year, where the women of Cork and Dublin meet in the All Ireland football final.  A new programme, building up to the big match will be broadcast live the night before, 15th September, from the Mansion House in Dublin, with lots of music, sports stars and other female role models taking centre stage.

TG4 will have the best of the Guinness Rugby PRO14 championship, as well as the County Finals and AIB Club championship in football and hurling, between October and December 2018, with a live match every Sunday.

They will also be given an insight into the personal lives of some of their greatest GAA stars in a new series of ‘Laochra Gael’, featuring the likes of  Jackie Tyrell, Rena Buckley & Colm Cooper.

They are taking a similar approach with some of the greats of Irish traditional music also in a new series of ‘Sé Mo Laoch’, including Frankie Gavin, Alec Finn, Arty McGlynn & Sarah Ghriallais. And as is customary for TG4, they have more top class musical offerings in  ‘Gradam Cheoil TG4’‘Tradfest’‘Lurgan 2K18’ and‘Junior Eurovision’. As well as fantastic country music in ‘Opry le Daniel’,  ‘Glór Tíre’ and from the ‘Irish Post Country Music Awards’, which will be broadcasting live from the Millennium Forum in Derry, on the 11th September.

TG4 is building a reputation for outstanding live events over the last number of years and that is central to the new schedule as well, in programmes such as ‘Samhain Live’‘Fáilte 2019’ on New Year’s Eve and ‘The Irish Post Awards’ from London, not to mention our comprehensive coverage of events as part of Oireachtas na Samhna, in programmes such as ‘Steip’‘Lárstáitse’‘NuachtTG4’ and much more across TG4’s varied platforms.

All the kids’ favourites will be back on Cúla 4, such as ‘Whiz sa Chistin’‘Horrid Henry’‘Spongebob’ and ‘Masha’, as well as newly commissioned programmes, including ‘Ár Scéal’, where children will bring 52 newly written stories to life through the medium of art and ‘CLUB’, where young people introduce us to their GAA club in the company of some of their sporting heroes.

If you add all of this to the comprehensive coverage from ‘Nuacht TG4’,  an exciting new series of ‘Ros na Rún’ and top quality drama such as ‘Un Bore Mercher/Keeping the Faith’‘West Wing’, great films and much more, there’s no doubt that the new schedule offers everyone the mix of programmes that they want on TG4, worldwide.

Announcing the new schedule, TG4 Director General Alan Esslemont says:

“People recognise themselves in TG4 programming. They can relate to material which is inspired by them. They appreciate that TG4 constantly strives to provide the most comprehensive mix possible, at the highest quality, from our ‘Súil Eile’ perspective, for our viewers at home and abroad.

“We are particularly proud this year of the strong output in Entertainment and our powerful Documentaries. We are constantly increasing our presence on digital platforms as well, so that   people can access us worldwide through the player at, or on our app which is available in IOS, Android and SmartTV versions. I hope that more people than ever will enjoy these new programmes in the coming months”.

TG4 Autumn Launch 2018

TG4 Autumn Launch 2018 TG4 Autumn Launch 2018 TG4 Autumn Launch 2018

TG4 Autumn Launch 2018

You can access information on these and other TG4 programmes here.

Photography by Andrew Downes, XPOSURE


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