Discover Galway’s rich literary heritage at the Lady Gregory – Yeats Autumn Gathering from the 28th to the 30th September.

Lady Gregory of Coole Park

This three-day event will be taking place in Coole Park, Kiltartan Cross and Thoor Ballylee. The gathering will feature a variety of talks, theatre, archival film and plenty of chat and fun. Highlights of this year’s event include the launch of James Pethica’s Lady Gregory’s Early Irish Writings 1883-1893. 

There will be numerous talks including ‘Troublesome Women‘; ‘Controversy at the Abbey Theatre‘ and a new play by the Curlew Players: ‘The Loves of Lady Gregory‘. To top it all off, there will be a candlelit dinner and entertainment will be held in the woodland of Coole Park.

For further information, contact Marion Cox via email at or visit their website


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