Key Interior Trends To Follow This Autumn

The longer we work from home, the bigger the temptation to do up our home decor becomes. Whether you’re looking to completely do up a room or simply add a few new decorative statement pieces, here are some of the interior trends to keep in mind the next time you’re redecorating.

By Niamh Casey

Rich Colours

Rich and bold are beginning to take over from the grey and white minimalistic trends. Deep blues paired with golden yellows are popular colour combinations. Paintings with warm oranges and reds really jump out from a darker backdrop, as do classic golden frames. These rich colours are sure to add warmth to your rooms as the colder season approaches.

Natural Sustainable Materials

Natural materials, like clay, stone and wicker, are big trends this Autumn. Nowadays, people are veering towards more sustainable options. This applies to interior trends too. Marble countertops and islands are very popular in kitchens, and clay or grey coloured tiles are increasing in popularity.

Plant Décor

Along the lines of the natural trend, plants and earthy décor have definitely increased in popularity. They add a serene feel to a room, which is much needed for everyone working from home. Succulents are especially easy to care for, which is always a plus, and really suit a warm and natural themed room.–iH3su/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Home Bars

With the pubs closed these last few months, people have really started taking to the idea of having a home bar and preferring to have a relaxing drink at home. Which makes a home bar an ideal option. They can range from a simple cabinet to a full designated bar area. The choices are really endless and not too hard to work into the existing theme of a room.

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